Jin Chen

Partner transfer pricing at Crowe Foederer

About Jin Chen

Jin was born in China and moved to the Netherlands when she was 13. Many of her Chinese clients find her due to the fact that she is the most senior transfer pricing specialist in the Netherlands who speaks Chinese. As a transfer pricing specialist, she has assisted multinationals in different industries, conducting feasibility analyses related to business and transfer pricing models, bilateral, dispute resolutions, B(APA) negotiations, financial services, value chain analysis, business restructurings, IP box regime, permanent establishment risks and establishing intercompany policies.

As the head and founder of the Dutch China Desk, she is also specialized and responsible for attracting and serving high-tech Chinese multinationals for Crowe. She works together with the Crowe Global China desk network around world. The Dutch China Desk forms a one-stop-shop for all her Chinese clients.  With regard to the high-tech logistic infrastructure, a good number of Chinese multinationals have set up their European headquarters in the Netherlands.