Tom Marshall

Tom Marshall

Tom believes work should help you thrive as a human being while making the world a better place. Based on this belief, he works as a career coach and speaker – supporting changemakers to grow their impact and thrive in life.

He’s also a climate activist for Extinction Rebellion, giving talks about our climate and ecological crisis and training up other rebels to engage in civil disobedience, safely and effectively.

He previously worked as a strategy & innovation consultant at Deloitte, while setting up a non-profit called Extraordinary Life that makes personal development accessible for students. In 2018, he received the Rotterdam School of Management Distinguished Alumnus award for his impact – where he completed his Master of Science in Innovation Management.

The professionals who he coaches know him as a determined optimist, who genuinely cares about people and has a vision for a better society. As a speaker at 150+ events, his audiences and venues have ranged from young professionals at multinationals to local communities in Uganda, and 5000 students in the stadium that hosted the 2021 Eurovision.

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