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Ochama is the subsidiary of the Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com (Jingdong), also known as China’s largest retailer with a net revenue in 2021 of $149.3 billion.


We are an omnichannel retailer, a one-stop-shop with a full range of A-brand products to make online shopping easier, simpler and faster.


Our brand slogan “Shopping made simple” says it all: Ochama is an innovative shopping solution, a new go to store for both foods and non-food goods, and whatever people shop for, it has everything they want, provided through a seamless shopping experience.  There are currently few online retailers that carry both food and non-food products in one experience.


At Ochama we aim to provide a new shopping experience to our customers. We do this with the use of a highly smart supply chain through the integration of information technology, standardization and automation, so that the labor and operation cost savings can be fed back into good quality goods at low prices for customers.


With our rich experience in retail and cutting-edge logistics technologies that the company has accumulated over the years, we aspire to create an innovative shopping format for customers in Europe with better price and services.

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