Battle for the Bits & Bytes
What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Make breakfast, go to the toilet or check your phone?
We, the citizens have become addicted to our phones and the latest and greatest technologies. We have become more reliant and dependent on the internet, the apps and the data. We have become the money generators for the big silicon valley giants like Google and Facebook, but in exchange for what?

With technologies changing at the speed of light and transforming our world we face great challenges with the introduction of smart cities, smart homes and self-driving cars. But why and what is happening with all our data?

Why are smart cities, smart homes, robotics and self-driving cars such hot topics?
How do different companies & countries handle our data?
What is the up-side or down-side when data is owned by the Government, like in China versus the USA where Companies own the data and the EU where we believe the users are the owners of their data?
What is the impact on our lives and economies?
What are the Dutch working on to improve our position in the new economy?

Dell Technologies provides insights on what is happening behind the scenes.
Let’s talk about the Battle for the Bits & Bytes.


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