CSA-EUR Career Days: China in Focus

The CSA-EUR Career Days: China in Focus is an annual event organized by the Chinese Student Association Erasmus University Rotterdam (CSA-EUR). CSA-EUR Career Days is one of the largest China-related business conferences for high-performing academics and young professionals. Every edition will discuss a relevant, gripping theme from that year. Speakers from leading global companies will come to give their thoughts, visions, and advice by discussing current developments within China with regards to that edition’s theme.

Congress Day

During the congress day, we invite speakers from leading global companies on these topics to present their thoughts, visions, and advice to us. Do you have any questions about these topics? Engage with speakers during the panel discussion, where you can get the opportunity to ask your question directly.

Recruitment Days

During the recruitment days we offer you the option to participate in interactive activities hosted by our partners, such as: case solving workshops and speed interviews. The goal of these activities is for both parties to get to know each other better and potentially benefit from long-lasting relationships. Students and companies may find a match for summer internships, graduation internships, or job opportunities!

In-house Days

During the in-house day, we give you the chance to look inside our corporate partners’ day-to-day business by visiting their office! Through this event, you will get the unique opportunity to experience their company culture and activities first hand. Additionally, you can expand your network and learn more about job opportunities within the company. With this event, we aspire to give both parties the chance to connect with each other and build meaningful relationships.


CSA-EUR stands for the Chinese Student Association Erasmus University Rotterdam. CSA-EUR is the student association that interacts with those that share the same interests in Chinese culture or business. Acting as a window between China and the Netherlands, the Chinese Student Association (CSA-EUR) brings multiple cultures and talents together.

CSA-EUR is a formal student organization at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, one of the top universities in Europe. One of its biggest faculties is the Rotterdam School of Management, with a ranking among the top 30 of business schools all around the world (Financial Times).

About the Career Events Committee

The Career Events Committee organizes one of the flagship events of CSA-EUR: China in Focus. This flagship event revolves around connecting ambitious students and young professionals to companies with an affinity for China.
In addition, the committee organizes all formal events of the association, such as company dinners, in-house days and career-related workshops.

In short, the Career Events Committee is a place for students to develop their personal skills and increase their network.


The CSA-EUR Career Days will be held at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Lommerrijk, Room Mate Bruno Hotel and various other locations.


Rotterdammers have been visiting Lommerrijk for almost 140 years because of its unique, idyllic location on the Bergse Plas in Rotterdam.

Lommerrijk is one of the most beautiful locations in Rotterdam for a wedding, birthday party, family day and baby shower – they celebrate all aspects of life. Lommerrijk was also named the best conference venue of the year for its corporate events.

Room Mate Bruno Hotel

Room Mate Bruno Hotel is one of the most symbolic places of Rotterdam. Room Mate Bruno is a design hotel located in Pakhuismeesteren, a former tea warehouse of the Dutch East India Company. It is located in the heart of Rotterdam, in the area of the Kop Van Zuid next to the Maas River. The area is beautifully transformed into an architectural hotspot where you can walk among the buildings of the most famous architects of the world, such as Rem Koolhaas, Cruz and Ortiz, Renzo Piano, Muller, Droogleever and Fortuyn.

De Lugt Theatre

In de Lugt is a charming theater in the old village center of Rotterdam-Overschie, designed in the 1960s style. As a result, it boasts a real theater hall, giving a visit a true theater experience. It is a cozy and creative place where you feel welcome.